PODCAST: The Future of Open Banking

The Future of Open Banking

Featuring: John Vander Vennet, Head of Sales at Ninth Wave and Youa Yang, Digital Business Banking Program Director at Barlow Research

Open banking is changing the way businesses access their financial data. However, before we can get there, many challenges and concerns need to be overcome. While Europe and other countries have implemented open banking, U.S. banks are starting to navigate how to leverage open banking to help their business customers. At the heart of the matter is deciding whether or not to leverage the advanced technology that can facilitate data sharing as well as navigating the security/risk challenges associated.

Join Barlow Research to hear about how Ninth Wave enables financial institutions to give their business clients secure access to their data on their terms. In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • FI’s beginning to allow their business clients the capability to access their banking information in the application of their choice
  • The problem open banking solves
  • How open banking provides benefits for the bank as well as the business customer
  • What security/risk challenges need to be considered
  • Successful use cases of Ninth Wave’s open banking solution

The presentation is designed for anyone involved in digital business banking, small business banking, customer experience, transformation, marketing, market research, innovation or strategy.

About Ninth Wave

Ninth Wave delivers secure, seamless, and standardized data connectivity to fintechs and financial institutions of all sizes, through a single point of direct integration to a universal suite of open finance APIs. With configurable controls, visibility, and insights into all data sharing and data acquisition connections between aggregators, third-party apps, and internal applications, Ninth Wave empowers financial institutions and their customers with access and oversight to their connected apps, enabling secure data exchange in a holistic and scalable open finance ecosystem. Offering solutions for retail and commercial banks, wealth managers, credit card issuers, tax providers, and more, Ninth Wave provides unparalleled connectivity and universal compatibility to complex information systems, unlocking innovation, potential, and performance for your data. Contact us to learn more about Ninth Wave’s secure data connectivity features. Empowering open finance. At scale, at last.