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Embedded Finance Software

ninth wave direct


Embedded Finance Software for Your Business Customers

With strong competition and a challenging economy, businesses are looking for time savings and convenience. Financial Institutions can gain competitive advantage by natively integrated financial functions within the software they use to run their businesses. Ninth Wave Direct is designed for intelligent embedded finance.

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Ninth Wave Direct extends an FI’s data sharing with deep two-way integration into business operations, financial planning and accounting packages for improved cash flow, balance transparency, payment initiation and enhanced reporting.


NINTH WAVE DIRECT | Intelligent Embedded Finance

Building upon Ninth Wave Connect - the foundational product connecting financial data to the Ninth Wave platform, opening up data and services through industry standard APIs for 3rd party consumption - Ninth Wave Direct further extends this value through native two-way integrations into the top accounting systems and software packages used by your business customers.

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Download the Ninth Wave Direct fact sheet here!

NINTH WAVE DIRECT | Intelligent Embedded Finance

Your Open Finance Solution for Value Driven Integration

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