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Business Banking Solutions

ERP Integration for Corporate Banking and Treasury Management


Explore our open, secure data sharing solutions to connect mission-critical business software for commercial banking customers.

ERP Integration for Business and Venture Banking

Ninth Wave’s robust, comprehensive ERP integration enables financial institutions to seamlessly and securely connect their systems to the mission-critical software solutions that business banking customers rely on to manage their daily operations. Through our embedded finance integrations, Ninth Wave Direct allows timely, actionable, permissioned financial data to be efficiently shared with a variety of accounting packages, ERP applications, treasury management tools, and more.

Through our ERP integration, banks can enable their business customers to incorporate their financial data into their existing processes and workflows and initiate banking transactions from directly within their current systems – providing a world-class digital experience that improves decision-making, enhances efficiency, and preserves business continuity.

Ninth Wave Direct for Business Banking

Simplifies and streamlines data sharing with a single, secure point of connectivity to many popular business software applications
Accelerates time-to-market, getting critical financial data into customers’ hands as rapidly as possible

Makes it easy to connect to new solutions as needed, to meet emerging customer requirements

Eliminates the time and cost required for internal IT teams to build and maintain integrations

Future-proofs connectivity for financial institutions and their customers

ERP integration offering secure, reliable connectivity to popular business software solutions

Today’s corporate banking customers manage their operations through a growing list of software solutions, such as NetSuite, Quickbooks, Xero, and more. These applications are among the most complex in the open banking ecosystem, requiring additional data fields, capabilities, and timeliness that are often too sophisticated for screen scraping or even for standard data connections.

Ninth Wave Direct enables open banking for business and venture banks, serving as the foundation of a holistic connectivity strategy. Our powerful, protocol-agnostic platform leverages pre-built corporate banking APIs to provide highly secure, off-the-shelf integrations to a broad portfolio of popular apps and solutions.


Leading Business Bank Relies on Ninth Wave Direct to Achieve ERP Connectivity

The Ninth Wave Platform provides frictionless connectivity to NetSuite and other external applications, to meet customer demands for simplified access to their financial data through the solutions they use to manage their daily business operations. This creates a better experience for businesses by giving them an easier way to connect to and interact with timely, actionable banking data.

A Superior Digital Experience for Corporate Banking Customers

Ninth Wave has a proven track record of successfully enabling bank to ERP integration and bank to client application integration at some of the world’s leading financial institutions. This connectivity empowers business and venture banks to differentiate themselves by delivering the kind of optimized digital services that attract new business customers and build greater satisfaction and loyalty among existing ones.

With instant access to their financial data through the solutions they prefer, business banking customers can:
  • Boost productivity and get more value from their application investments by incorporating financial data directly into existing processes and workflows
  • Promote transparency and achieve a real-time snapshot of financial health with a complete, 360-degree view of all assets, accounts, and transactions
  • Make faster, more informed decisions based on trusted, valid financial data
  • Maintain full confidence that their data is always timely and accurate, as well as safe and secure


Streamlined Integration for Property Management

A large financial institution empowers its property management customers with secure, reliable integration to the apps that run their business.

Meet Customer Demands for Open Access to Financial Data Today

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