Credit Card Issuers

Credit Card Issuers

Give Card Holders Access to Their Data on Their Terms

Ninth Wave’s innovative technology provides broad integration capabilities to our credit card issuer clients. One single, secure connection to the Ninth Wave Platform gives credit card issuers access to our vast and growing ecosystem of off-the-shelf APIs, allowing them to rapidly and safely share consumer-permissioned card data with the apps and solutions their card holders demand.  We purpose-built our platform to simplify and streamline new app connections. This accelerates time to market for credit card issuers, empowering them to swiftly respond to customer requirements as they emerge and change while eliminating the hassle of building integrations in-house.

Secure Connectivity to “Must Have” Apps and Solutions

Today’s consumer and business customers expect instant access to credit card balances, transaction histories, bill payments, and other key account data and services through their financial institution’s online portal or app, as well as through business accounting software, ERP systems, personal financial management and wellness tools, and other third-party applications. Serving today’s card holders requires credit card issuers to have a holistic connectivity strategy that offers flexible, convenient access to financial information.

Ninth Wave serves as a single, secure point of connectivity between our clients and the critical solutions their business and consumer card holders use every day. This gives credit card issuers a competitive edge by enabling them to:

  • Make data readily accessible through popular apps and solutions – without the need for screen scraping
  • Build customer loyalty and retention by efficiently addressing evolving card holder information requirements
  • Increase customer acquisition through the delivery of superior digital services

Share Card Data in the Most Efficient and Secure Way Possible

Screen scraping and other traditional bank account aggregation methods can put data security in jeopardy and negatively impact the customer experience.  Ninth Wave facilitates the secure, reliable sharing of information between a credit card issuer’s systems and the apps and solutions its card holders prefer.  We even enable connectivity to data aggregators.  This significantly improves services to card holders, giving them the ability to obtain a unified view of their credit card balances and transactions – including detailed transaction data – through the app or solution of their choice.

With the Ninth Wave Platform, credit card issuers can offer their customers a world-class connectivity experience that:

  • Simplifies and streamlines the sharing of credit card data with third-party apps and solutions
  • Eliminates the time and cost required for internal IT teams to build and maintain integrations
  • Future-proofs connectivity for our credit card issuer clients and their customers
  • Keeps confidential card holder data fully protected at all times

Learn How to Deliver a Superior Digital Experience for Card Holders Today

Find out how Ninth Wave offers a more secure, reliable, and efficient alternative to existing bank account aggregation techniques. Download the Solutions for Credit Card Issuers fact sheet to learn how our platform offers card holders open, safe access to their balance and transaction information.  Or, contact us to discuss your specific data sharing needs with a member of our knowledgeable team.

Learn more about how the Ninth Wave platform can help your organization succeed.