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Wealth Management Solutions

Secure, timely, seamless consolidation of financial account data


Learn how our financial data hub provides secure, consolidated access to client portfolios and held-away assets in an enhanced, unified financial view.

Learn Why 8 of the Top 10 U.S. Wealth Managers Trust Ninth Wave

Ninth Wave is a leading provider of secure data connectivity solutions for wealth and investment managers, as well as other financial services firms. Our robust, comprehensive wealth management data API increases reliability, transparency, and security, empowering these institutions to efficiently share timely, accurate, and complete account, investment, and transaction data with the mission-critical apps and solutions their high net worth customers use to manage their assets.

Some of the world’s largest financial institutions, including eight of the top ten U.S. wealth managers, rely on Ninth Wave as a single, secure point of connectivity with applications and aggregators seeking permissioned access to account holder data.

Share Permissioned Account and Transaction Data – Securely and Reliably

Wealth and investment managers face growing customer demands for secure access to information about their assets, investments, and other finances. These customers want to track their accounts and transactions – brokerage, 401(k), retirement, etc. – through a growing list of personal financial management (PFM) and financial wellness tools that require connectivity to financial data and the ability to initiate banking transactions “in-app”.

With Ninth Wave, wealth and investment managers can satisfy customer requirements for flexible access to complex information about diverse assets – without the need for risky screen scraping that puts data privacy and customer experience in jeopardy. Our powerful, protocol-agnostic platform leverages pre-built wealth management APIs to seamlessly and safely share data with a wide variety of third-party solutions.

The Ninth Wave Platform

Simplifies and streamlines data sharing with many popular PFM and financial wellness apps
Makes it easy to connect to new solutions as needed, to meet emerging customer requirements
Eliminates the time and cost required for internal IT teams to build and maintain integrations
Future-proofs connectivity for wealth and investment managers and their customers

Give Customers Access to Their Data on Their Terms

The Ninth Wave Platform is designed to efficiently handle all external data sharing traffic with apps, aggregators, and other third parties, delivering flexible, open access to account, investment, and transaction data while eliminating the threats associated with screen scraping. It provides a broad and growing portfolio of APIs for digital wealth management tools, to power a wealth and investment manager’s connectivity to the third-party solutions customers prefer to use.

This approach enhances the digital experience, improving customer satisfaction and retention by giving high net worth account holders the ability to:
  • Achieve a unified, consolidated view of all their assets – no matter how complex – through whichever app or solution they choose
  • Initiate and monitor transactions “in app”
  • Maintain full confidence that their data is always timely and accurate, as well as safe and secure

Build Customer Loyalty Through Better Digital Services

More and more customers require enhanced digital services from their wealth and investment managers, including open access to their financial data through third-party apps and solutions. The Ninth Wave Platform can help address those needs in the most secure, efficient way possible.

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Learn more about Ninth Wave 360 for enhanced portfolio views and how it can help your organization succeed.​

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