The Ninth Wave Platform

The Ninth Wave Platform

Serving as the gatekeeper between Banks and aggregators, as well as Banks and Fintechs, the Ninth Wave platform certifies participants and funnels all data access through one secure, scalable and audited direct channel.

Innovation seems to be everywhere these days, but in the world of financial data, innovative change has lagged. Until now. Ninth Wave’s platform is a new approach to Open Banking, enabling the standardization of financial data sharing among Financial Institutions, third party providers, aggregators, SMB’s, consumers, and Fintech companies. It eliminates the need for one-off data sharing agreements between banks and Fintech providers, creating a scalable, reliable and affordable long-term solution.

Consisting of a core engine and robust API, the Ninth Wave platform provides a holistic view of financial data for clients by accessing internally held assets and “assets held away” across multiple Financial Institutions. It safely manages and delivers data, solving the challenges Financial Institutions often face: insufficient security measures from third- party software providers, burdensome use of bank servers and infrastructure due to excessive data demands, loss of services’ revenue and increased competition.

This is true innovation. This is data transformed.

Banking, Transactions, Investments and Tax.
All in One Place.

Consumer & Commercial Banking

The financial data bridge to your next Fintech breakthrough, providing accurate, continuous, automated access to real-time data. For financial institutions, Fintech companies, and e-bill payment and online credit card services.

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Tax Services

Streamlining tax reporting for the enterprise and financial institutions by providing a single point of access across divisions and systems to critical tax form data.

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Wealth Management

Secure sourcing of aggregated data in the cloud, providing all banking capabilities plus the ability to aggregate “assets held away” across multiple financial institutions.

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Enterprise Edition

A full suite of Consumer & Commercial Banking, Wealth Management and Tax Services, plus advanced security services that mitigate channel threats.

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Open Finance

Enabling open banking and standardizing financial data sharing among Financial Institutions, third party providers and consumers.

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Real-World Solutions

Industry Award Winner

Learn more about how Ninth Wave can provide you with universal financial data integration, delivering a secure, seamless and standardized information supply chain at massive scale.