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Embedded Finance

Integrations to your Customers' Preferred Applications through Ninth Wave Direct


Explore our direct application integrations for ERP, TMS,
accounting systems, and more through Ninth Wave Direct:

Why Use Ninth Wave's Direct Integrations?

Through our secure, seamless embedded finance integrations, Ninth Wave Direct allows timely, actionable, permissioned financial data to be efficiently shared with a variety of accounting packages, ERP applications, treasury management tools, and more.

With Ninth Wave Direct, banks can enable their business customers to integrate their financial data into their existing processes and workflows and initiate banking transactions from directly within their current systems – providing a world-class digital experience that improves decision-making, enhances efficiency, and preserves business continuity.

Native Integration

Native integration to leading accounting, treasury and ERP software providing real-time account information

Simplify Money Movement

Simplify money movement, cash management, and reconciliation processes, delivering efficiency, accuracy, and value to your customers

Easy Account Onboarding

Leverage easy company & user management to enroll and manage permissions for business customers and their authorized users 

Real-Time Data

Instantly import account balances & transactions for easy reconciliation

Integrated Payables

Secure delivery of your customers’ ACH/wire/check/card payment instructions directly to your payment processor

Enable Bill Pay

Enable Bill Pay directly within your customers’ small businesses accounting software

Benefits of Ninth Wave

Simplifies and streamlines data sharing with a single, secure point of connectivity to many popular business software applications
Accelerates time-to-market, getting critical financial data into customers’ hands as rapidly as possible
Makes it easy to connect to new solutions as needed, to meet emerging customer requirements
Eliminates the time and cost required for internal IT teams to build and maintain integrations
Future-proofs connectivity for financial institutions and their customers

Extend your Embedded Finance Capabilities with Ninth Wave Direct

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