Tax Services

Tax Services

Streamlined Tax Reporting for the Enterprise, Financial Institutions and Service Providers

Tax reporting doesn’t have to be an annual headache. No matter how many divisions and/or systems that may need to be accessed across an organization, reporting for the enterprise and financial institutions has never been simpler.

Ninth Wave Tax Services provides a single point of secure and instant access to W-2, 1095 (A, B, C), 1098 and 1099 information, including INT, DIV, B, R and all supplemental forms, wherever and however they are stored. It does this by integrating with multiple internal systems and aggregating all necessary data from those systems.

Financial institutions, service providers, and employers use Ninth Wave Tax Services to comply with federal, state and local regulations, providing maximum convenience for consumers, employees and other types of account holders.

Tax preparers and accounting firms use Ninth Wave Software to electronically acquire all tax forms necessary to deliver optimal tax planning, preparation and e-filing services, generally done on behalf of individuals filing separately or jointly as partners.

Enhanced Usability

A single point of access across multiple divisions and systems, enabling clear and consistent access to the full spectrum of the forms and data required for tax planning, preparation and electronic filing.

Reduced Processing Time

Directly download tax information into the preferred tax reporting front-end, receiving refunds faster, eliminating data entry costs and errors and avoiding fines and delays.

Leveraged Tax Data for other Applications

Tax Services will also allow new Fintech applications such as income verification, credit checking, and loan processing to quickly verify income levels and enhance the credit process.

Learn more about how Ninth Wave can provide you with universal financial data integration, delivering a secure, seamless and standardized information supply chain at massive scale.