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Retail & Consumer Banking Solutions

Open Finance for your customers to securely access their accounts


See how our consumer / retail banking API provide a secure alternative to account aggregation, delivering true open finance connectivity.

Open, Secure Access to Consumer-Permissioned Financial Data

Ninth Wave Connect is a comprehensive solution that simplifies connectivity for retail and consumer banking customers of all sizes. It provides a single, secure point of integration to seamlessly share consumer-permissioned financial data with today’s most popular personal financial management (PFM) tools, financial wellness apps, tax prep software, and other external solutions – as well as aggregators.

With Ninth Wave Connect, banks can give their customers the kind of world-class digital banking experience they expect by enabling them to conveniently and efficiently obtain a complete, unified view of their accounts and manage their finances through whichever app or solution they prefer.

Unparalleled Connectivity to Popular PFM, Fintech, and Financial Wellness Apps

With the use of personal financial management and wellness tools on the rise, more and more retail banking customers expect open, flexible, and secure access to their checking, savings, investment, mortgage, credit card, and other account data through the app or solution of their choice.

By offering trusted, reliable connectivity to these solutions, retail and consumer banks can drive higher levels of customer satisfaction, which will have a positive impact on acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Ninth Wave Connect powers broad-reaching connectivity for retail and consumer banks, serving as the foundation of a holistic data sharing strategy. Our powerful, protocol-agnostic platform leverages pre-built APIs to provide highly secure, off-the-shelf integrations to a broad portfolio of popular apps and solutions.

Consumer / Retail Banking API

Simplifies and streamlines data sharing with a single, secure point of connectivity to many popular PFM, wellness, and fintech apps

Makes it easy to connect to new solutions as needed, to meet emerging customer requirements

Eliminates the time and cost required for internal IT teams to build and maintain integrations

Future-proofs connectivity for financial institutions and their customers

A Safer Alternative to Screen Scraping

The Ninth Wave Platform is designed to handle all of a bank’s data aggregator traffic, eliminating the risks associated with screen scraping by providing a more secure way for customers to access their financial data through the apps and solutions they use every day.

Reliability and accuracy are also significantly enhanced. Customers can take advantage of a world-class connectivity experience, which helps retail and consumer banks avoid customer complaints and dissatisfaction due to stale and outdated information, transaction failures, and other problems that are caused each time screen scrapers break from website upgrades or other changes.

With instant access to timely, accurate, and complete financial data through the solutions they prefer, retail banking customers can:
  • Track and manage their finances, assets, and accounts – anytime, anywhere, on their own terms
  • Initiate and monitor banking transactions, such as bill payments, “in app”
  • Rest assured that their data is being shared securely, with permissioned access

With Ninth Wave Connect, Retail and Consumer Banks Can Meet Increasing Customer Demands for Flexible, Secure Financial Data Sharing

How can your organization meet increasing requirements for open, secure data access through today’s popular apps and solutions?

Contact us to discuss your specific data sharing needs with a member of our knowledgeable team.


Learn more about Ninth Wave Connect and how we can help your organization succeed.

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