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Sage Integration

Take your accounting experience to new heights

sage ninth wave integration

Streamline Your Financial Management

Simplified Transactions
Ninth Wave empowers you to easily import bank transactions directly into all Sage products, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This streamlines the reconciliation process and reduces the risk of errors.

Real-time Updates
Our integration allows for real-time synchronization of financial data, providing you with an up-to-date view of your financial position without delays.

Enhance Your Efficiency

A Centralized Platform
With Ninth Wave’s integration, your customers no longer need to switch between your bank’s online portal and the Sage platform. Everything is accessible from within Sage solutions, saving time and reducing the risk of duplicate data entry.

Start banking directly within Sage.

Improve Cash Flow Management

Cash Flow Insights
With direct access to bank transactions within Sage, you can better manage your cash flow by monitoring incoming and outgoing funds in real-time.

Forecasting Accuracy
The integration also enables more accurate cash flow forecasting by providing you a complete view of financial transactions.

Better Financial Control and Reporting

Accurate Financial Reporting
Our integration enables you to generate comprehensive financial reports within Sage that include all bank transactions, making it easier to track income and expenses, reconcile accounts, and prepare financial statements.

Audit Trail
Your customers are also able to maintain a detailed audit trail of all financial transactions, ensuring transparency and compliance with accounting standards.

Ninth Wave integrates into a full range of Sage software products for your customers' small and medium business solution needs.

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