Ninth Wave Case Study | Leading Business Bank Relies on Ninth Wave to Achieve ERP Connectivity

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Leading Business Bank Relies on Ninth Wave to Achieve ERP Connectivity

More and more organizations rely on ERP solutions like NetSuite to manage their businesses. The ability to rapidly and securely integrate real-time banking data into those applications is vital to obtaining the holistic view of their finances needed to ensure smooth, efficient corporate operations.

For one leading business bank, NetSuite connectivity was achieved via cumbersome and unreliable file transfers. This was negatively impacting the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing ones.

Customers wanted a simpler, more efficient way to incorporate their banking information into mission-critical business processes and workflows. To meet these demands, the bank needed a frictionless, no-code way to share banking data with NetSuite.

The bank partnered with Ninth Wave to provide the native integration between the bank’s databases and their customers’ NetSuite software. The Ninth Wave Platform efficiently connects the bank and NetSuite, giving customers instant access to accurate, actionable data. Customers can then make more informed and timely decisions about their business.

This seamless customer experience:

  • Improves satisfaction
  • Increases loyalty
  • Gives the bank a competitive edge

Building a Comprehensive API Plan In phase two of the project, the bank’s technical operations and business teams will collaborate with Ninth Wave to define and implement a broad-reaching API strategy.

The goal will be to connect the various banking and payment systems used by the bank with the third-party apps and solutions preferred by its customers.

Ninth Wave will help prioritize external app connections, and implement a comprehensive API strategy to support a platform that includes customer authorization and permissioning for account data sharing and payments.

Learn more about the Ninth Wave platform, and how it can help your organization succeed.