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Our Team

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Paul Allen

Head of Architecture

Paul Allen is the Head of Architecture at Ninth Wave. In this role, he leads the design and development of the Ninth Wave platform, overseeing the architecture, design, and engineering teams to ensure continuous delivery of enterprise-ready software.

Allen was the Director of DevOps at Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI), Ninth Wave’s former parent company.

Allen has more than 25 years of experience, enabling strategic goals and outcomes by shaping, designing, and implementing technology systems. He has broad IT expertise, including business process, technology, and organizational improvement. He is a member of multiple task forces and working groups for Financial Data Exchange (FDX), as well as a contributor to the FDX specification.

Allen is an industry expert, has taught courses in computing at Columbia University in New York, presented technology concepts in cities around the world, and authored more than a dozen technology books, most recently in the Java, AI, IoT and Blockchain spaces.

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