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Why work at Ninth Wave?

At Ninth Wave, we strongly believe in an ideal world of ever changing innovation, entrepreneurial leadership and exceptionally hard working individuals to consistently push the threshold of financial data accessibility and deliverability. We look to propel ourselves into the new era of financial data management – one that is empowered by a passion for insight, integrity, and purpose for our values and commitment to excellence for our clients. Ninth Wave is dedicated to building a future that is constantly evolving and surpassing the data needs of fintechs and financial institutions, a future that is characterized by value creation, security, and performance. We do this by recruiting innovative and collaborative thinkers to help build the future of Ninth Wave, the future of secure data connectivity. Check out our open positions and see if there is one that is a fit for you to join our team. One platform – creating endless possibilities. Are YOU Ninth Wave?

Ninth Wave supports the career development for women, encourages diversity and is constantly refining inclusivity. It is by far the most innovative firm as it pertains to staying ahead of the technological and financial services curve. I am constantly learning and evolving with the best around me.”

Fara Manjili – Ninth Wave, Pre-Sales Engineer

Each day, I have the opportunity to work with some of the most creative and talented people in our industry. We are truly at the forefront of financial data connectivity, leveraging our collective experience to innovate and stay ahead of the curve in financial technology.”

Jodi Keller – Ninth Wave, Marketing Manager

Ninth Wave offers me the ability to have meaningful conversations with clients. We are the go to partner for universal financial data and we are filling a massive void in the market. We are essentially FUTURE proofing your financial data and changing the way in which you access it.”

John Vander Vennet – Ninth Wave, Vice President of Sales