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FDX Readiness for Financial Institutions

FDX APIs, OAuth, and Consent. Single integration point for all third parties.

FDX Compliance Graphic

Complete Solution for FDX Requirements

Ninth Wave provides financial institutions with all they need to adopt with Financial Data Exchange requirements and securely share financial data with third party applications.

Ninth Wave FDX Compliance

Enable fintech applications to securely get the data they need. Meet your customers’ demand.

Single Integration Point for All FDX Participants

Unlock universal compatibility to complex financial information systems. Enable a growing list of integrations for your customers to use. All through Ninth Wave.

Ninth Wave consolidates all third-party data sources, enabling control over client data, security enforcement, and infrastructure management.

Control access dynamically, cache data, reduce costs, and alleviate network strain.

Connect essential apps with one simple integration. Simplify operations and onboarding for the entire spectrum of financial institutions in the FDX ecosystem. Let us manage external API connections, ensuring a hassle-free experience for financial institutions of any size.

Get Ahead of Regulatory Deadlines

FDX Assets and Deadlines Chart Graphic

Financial Institutions facing the CFPB’s Personal Financial Data Rights rule should consider joining the FDX ecosystem – a natural contender to the chosen standard body.

Opening APIs according to Financial Data Exchange requirements aligns with rule principles, ensuring a smoother transition. FDX participation provides standardized data sets and robust API security for a secure and efficient data exchange environment.

Learn more about the Ninth Wave platform, and how it can help your organization succeed.

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