The financial data bridge to your next fintech breakthrough, providing accurate, continuous,
automated access to real-time data.

For financial institutions, fintech companies, and e-bill payment and online credit card services.

Delivering a single, secure, holistic view of all client assets, even those held away, to both financial institution tools and applications as well as the latest Fintech applications, for a clear and complete financial picture.

Streamlining tax reporting for the enterprise and financial institutions by providing a single
point of access across divisions and systems to critical tax form data.

A full suite of Consumer & Commercial Banking, Wealth Management and Tax Services, plus advanced security services that mitigate channel threats.

Enabling open banking and standardizing financial data sharing among Financial Institutions,
third party providers and consumers.

The digital supply chain for financial data

Ninth Wave bridges the gap between financial data and the real world by breaking down data barriers. Seamlessly working across checking and savings accounts, bill pay and 401k’s, large financial institutions and Fintech startups, we are dramatically minimizing the complexity of financial data through a hyper-connected, universal standard.

Financial Institutions

Provides a single, enterprise platform to securely share financial data, addressing the regulatory initiatives of Open Banking, and a better and more transparent banking experience to meet evolving customer expectations.

Fintech Companies

Connects Fintechs with banks, aggregating data from internal platforms and integrating it with any front-end system, providing accurate and continuous access for customers through multiple devices, using a variety of financial applications, vendors and aggregators.

Tax Services

Streamlines tax reporting for the enterprise and financial institutions by providing a single point of access across divisions and systems to critical tax form data.

The Ninth Wave Platform

Ninth Wave has created a Financial Data Platform delivering the only universal data supply chain for Financial Institutions and Fintech breakthroughs. Built from the ground up for the world’s largest global banks, the Ninth Wave platform delivers unparalleled aggregation, integration, and delivery to meet compliance and security standards while enabling Fintech developers to deliver astonishing innovation.

Why Ninth Wave?

Trusted advisors and experts in data and data aggregation for over 75 financial institutions with reach to over 16,000, Ninth Wave delivers software that provides access to over $8 trillion in AUM for 8 of the top 10 Wealth Managers and powers major banks and brokerage firms, retirement services providers, credit card providers, tax services firms, and online banking and bill pay enablers.

Transaction Aggregation

No matter the front-end application, Ninth Wave aggregates transactions across multiple financial institutions through a single API layer and seamlessly delivers financial data to the customer.

Next-Gen Fintech

The seamless integration of financial data with new front-end systems across devices and applications provided by Ninth Wave enables Fintech developers to ideate, iterate, and deliver unprecedented innovation.

Highest Level
of Data Quality

Unique from other solutions in its design and approach to data, Ninth Wave’s Platform focuses on providing the best in data engineering tools, producing a higher quality of data in a more reliable and consistent fashion.

24/7 Support

Enjoy around-the-clock support with Ninth Wave’s dedicated staff of customer service professionals.

Trusted Advisor

Ninth Wave is the go-to partner for universal financial data integration of Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and wealth managers.

Award Winning

Winner of over 25 awards for innovation, quality, and performance, Ninth Wave’s software is the industry-leader in financial data integration.

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