Secure Connectivity to Your Customers’ Financial Apps and Software Solutions

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Data is the New Currency. It’s Time You Treat It This Way.

Customer demand for open, secure financial data connectivity through a multitude of apps and software solutions, combined with new legislation and ever-increasing competition from fintechs, require you to rethink your approach to data sharing. The Ninth Wave Platform provides a turnkey solution for securely and reliably deploying, managing, and scaling financial data exchange.


A holistic connectivity strategy enables business and venture banks to provide their commercial customers with secure connectivity to financial data in accounting packages, treasury management tools, ERP systems, vertical-specific software, and more.

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Retail and consumer banks can increase transparency, reliability, and security, making data accessible through popular personal financial management and financial wellness apps, while eliminating the need for screen scraping and its inherent risks.

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Securely share complex information about diverse assets with personal financial management and wellness tools, allowing customers to track their investments - brokerage, 401(k), and other retirement accounts - through the app or solution of their choice.

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Be the Center of Your Customer’s Financial Ecosystem.

In our connected world, financial data cannot be kept in silos. Financial institutions that don’t play nice with others face the risk of becoming irrelevant. Responding to customer needs for seamless and secure connectivity positions your FI as the partner of choice for business customers and consumers – increasing acquisition, retention, and loyalty.

  • Simplicity:

    One connection to Ninth Wave provides instant access to financial data APIs for a growing list of “must have” apps.

  • Transparency

    Provide customers with secure API-based access to permissioned financial data on their own terms.

  • Security

    Replace risky screen scraping with bank-grade secure APIs.

  • Speed

    Quickly achieve broad financial data integration, saving years of internal development time and cost.