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A holistic connectivity strategy enables business and venture banks to provide their commercial customers with secure connectivity to financial data in accounting packages, treasury management tools, ERP systems, vertical-specific software, and more.

Securely share complex information about diverse assets with personal financial management and wellness tools, allowing customers to track their investments – brokerage, 401(k), and other retirement accounts – through the app or solution of their choice.

A world-class connectivity experience increases convenience, satisfaction, and accuracy for employees by allowing them to access their tax information through a variety of tax preparation software solutions.

Give commercial and consumer customers access to credit card balances, transaction histories and details, bill payments, and other key account data and services through a wide array of business accounting software or personal financial management and wellness apps.

Retail and consumer banks can increase transparency, reliability, and security, making data accessible through popular personal financial management and financial wellness apps, while eliminating the need for screen scraping and its inherent risks.

A single, secure point of integration to share data with apps, aggregators, and other external software tools.

Financial services are rapidly transforming. Customers now demand open, secure access to their financial data through a multitude of apps and software solutions. These expanding demands, combined with new and pending legislation and ever-increasing competition from fintechs, are forcing financial institutions to rethink their approach to data sharing.

Today’s connected world requires a holistic connectivity strategy.

The Ninth Wave Platform serves as the core of that strategy for our clients. We simplify connectivity for financial institutions, allowing them to give their customers access to their data on their terms, whether they’re using a simple financial wellness app or sophisticated business accounting software.

We’ve built our legacy serving financial institutions.

Leading organizations, including 3 of the top 5 U.S. banks and 9 of the top 10 wealth managers, rely on Ninth Wave to meet customer demands for a better and more transparent banking experience.

Why Ninth Wave?

Simplicity: One connection to Ninth Wave opens access to a growing list of “must have” apps

Speed: Quickly deploy our off-the-shelf ecosystem and save years of internal development time and cost

Customer Experience: Increase acquisition, retention, and loyalty

Reduced Risk: Enhance security and improve regulatory readiness

More Revenue: Boost profits by monetizing connectivity, while avoiding customer churn

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