What We Do

We are the World’s Financial Data Supply Chain

A Standard Serving of Financial Data

Ninth Wave breaks down data barriers across divisions and systems by seamlessly spanning checking and savings accounts, bill pay and 401k’s, large financial institutions and Fintech startups, minimizing the complexity of sourcing and delivering financial data through a universal standard.

It’s a new day for financial data.

Industry Solutions

Financial Institutions

Ninth Wave equips Financial Institutions with a single, enterprise platform to securely authorize the sharing of financial data, addressing the requirements of Open Banking. With Ninth Wave, Financial Institutions can:

  • “Go digital” – taking a customer-centric approach to meet evolving expectations and increase customer loyalty.
  • Facilitate new revenue streams by monetizing API use with third party providers, and effectively consolidating customer data.
  • Provide banking customers with greater transparency and control of their data, including who can see their data, how it is provided and what data can be shared.
  • Provide third party vendors access to customer financial data in a regulated and secure way.
  • Increase innovation and reduce the traffic to bank websites and the load on core systems.
Fintech Companies

Ninth Wave enables Fintech apps to access and manage all types of financial account
data by aggregating that data from Financial Institutions’ internal platforms and seamlessly integrating it with any front-end system.

Ninth Wave supports Fintech Companies with:

  • Real-time direct access to customer financial data and banking functions.
  • Open access to the wide range of front-end applications customers are demanding.
  • Automated delivery of accurate, efficient and transparent client data.
Tax Services

Ninth Wave streamlines tax reporting for the Enterprise and Financial Institutions. With Ninth Wave, companies can:

  • Reduce processing time by enabling the direct download of tax information into the preferred tax reporting front-end.
  • Enhance usability by providing a single point of secure access across divisions and systems to critical tax form data.

Our Story

There is a big difference in the world of finance between the data universe and universal data. The former comes with a deadbolt. The latter, a key. Financial institutions around the world are confronted every day with the challenges of managing huge amounts of data and a vast volume of transactions. Faced with demanding regulations and extreme security threats in a continually changing environment, the potential for failure is very real. A different level of data discourse is needed for decentralized financial data systems, spanning diverse transaction types,
institutions and platforms, with the ability to aggregate, integrate and deliver data, compliant and with a blind level of hardened security.

In short, a universal key. And Ninth Wave has it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable a hyper-connected universal standard for financial data.

Our Values

We take what we do and who we do it for very seriously. Financial data and everything it represents is something we care deeply about, and we perpetually strive to lead the market through innovation, making access to that data easier, reliable and secure. Because liberating financial data for the benefit of all is why we exist.

Team Facts

Ninth Wave was founded by George Anderson, a technology leader and visionary with over 25 years of industry experience. Prior to Ninth Wave, George was the founder and CEO of Enterprise Engineering, Inc. (EEI), delivering software and services to Fortune 500 institutions. Under his leadership, Ninth Wave and its solutions have garnered over 25 awards for innovation, quality and performance.

The Ninth Wave team, assembled from all corners of the industry, is made up of financial technology masterminds, tech wizards and all-around business gurus with decades of experience in the financial industry.

We pioneered Fintech connectivity and taught the world how to use it. Born and raised on Wall Street, this team designed and built the Ninth Wave platform for Banks, Wealth Managers, Services Providers and other Financial Institutions delivering the most reliable, secure, and integrated data channels, from the inside out.

A proven platform, Ninth Wave spans the far edges of financial data, capturing it and standardizing it for today’s financial applications and the next generation of innovative Fintech. Our projects range from designing new platforms to advancing the software that connects people to their hard- earned money.

We Know Tech

Members of the Ninth Wave team have built many major bank and Wall Street core systems. As a result, we have no learning curve. Regardless of the client issue or challenge, we understand it from end-to-end, as soon as we walk in the door, because most likely, we’ve done it somewhere else before. We speak their language, we know their problems, we understand their pain points, and we get what’s important to them—security, reliability, scalability, performance, response time.

Ninth Wave team leaders have published several books and magazine articles and are frequent contributors to industry standards and groups. We are also frequent presenters at industry trade shows and serve as trusted advisors to the world’s leading financial institutions and technology companies.

Deep Domain Expertise

Ninth Wave is a leader in the development and deployment of next generation Fintech connectivity software. The team has deep experience in retail and commercial banking, wealth management, retirement services and tax planning and services. Because of this history, we are trusted advisors for the streamlining of data management and aggregation in the financial industry, partnering with enterprise customers across several lines of business, service providers and service bureaus hosting hundreds of banks and credit unions, government agencies and a wide variety of other companies and Fintech providers.

Smart Thinking

Ninth Wave is powering a paradigm shift in the financial industry that is increasing data accessibility, flexibility, and utility while increasing security and resiliency. It’s about breaking down walls and putting in windows—bulletproof windows. You can’t get through, but you can see through. That’s transparent security. Everything is integrated. Everything is available. Everything is secure. Ninth Wave is the core platform that becomes the banks interface to the rest of the world.

Like-Minded People

We are a group of like-minded people. Enthusiastic about what we do, we are extremely competent in our respective domains and have great respect for one another. Our mix of experience, personality and sense of collaboration keeps us grounded and serves us well, regardless of how much pressure we experience. Finance can be dull at times, but we are not. Keeping work fun is key to our success. As one team, we strive to create value and make a difference wherever, and with whomever, we engage.