Welcome to the Ninth Wave Blog


Welcome to the Ninth Wave Blog

Posted by George Anderson July 1, 2020 9:15am EST

When we launched Ninth Wave in the Fall of 2018, we set out to help our clients securely navigate a rapidly-growing and quickly-shifting financial data ecosystem.  Almost two years later, that landscape remains dynamic and complex, and we’re still laser-focused on providing financial institutions with the safest, most reliable way to meet customer demands for flexible access to permissioned financial data through whatever app or solution they choose.  

Mergers and acquisitions, emerging standards, new fintech players, and exciting technology innovations are among the many changes that take place in our industry almost daily.  Each shift in the market alters the way banks and financial services firms approach open banking and financial data sharing – sometimes in small ways, often in major ones.  

But with change comes new ideas, new best practices, new opportunities.  That’s why it’s important to stay informed about new developments and to understand their impact. How will they affect your current digital banking strategy?  What do they mean for your customers? How can you leverage them to deliver the best experience possible?   

With this blog, we hope to serve as a relevant source of information for today’s financial institution leaders. Our contributors have decades of combined industry experience, and will draw on that expertise to share insights and perspectives as we cover everything from industry news and market trends, to advances in technology and tips for meeting ever-evolving customer requirements.  

We’ll also keep you updated on the latest Ninth Wave happenings, including product enhancements, customer successes, events, and more.

Stay tuned!