Consumer & Commercial Banking

Consumer & Commercial Banking

Better Data. Better Banking.

Today, customers of financial institutions want to be able to access their data digitally through multiple devices, using a variety of financial applications, vendors and aggregators. They want their data to be consistent, accurate, complete and available in near real-time.

Ninth Wave Consumer and Commercial Banking is the digital supply chain for financial data, equipping financial institutions and Fintech companies so that consumers and commercial customers can access and process transfers, pay bills, check balances, and access online credit card services with a single platform that securely shares financial banking data. Services include: checking, savings, credit card, and loan services to enable bill pay, transfers, account management and transactions. By unleashing the full potential of financial data with Ninth Wave, financial institutions can:

  • Leverage a single platform to support all bank products
  • Accelerate their company’s digital transformation
  • Integrate into any existing environment
  • Operate impossibly fast, and at massive scale
  • Achieve unparalleled aggregation, connectivity, compatibility, integration, reliability, security and delivery
  • Position themselves for today, tomorrow and the future

Real time access for appliacations with high throughput for large transaction data sets and concurrent users.


Multiple version support and self-identifying data messages, meaning that a single platform can satisfy different applications accessing multiple backend core systems.


Highly customizable, supporting pass- through items and rapid addition of new and changed properties, and functionality for unprecendented customization.


Integration to a varying scope of authentication models and security systems with multiple encryption layers depending on data type, with consent obtained from data owners prior to all access or money movement.

Learn more about how Ninth Wave can provide you with universal financial data integration, delivering a secure, seamless and standardized information supply chain at massive scale.